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Terry's Uniques is proud to have such an  amazing  person  available to help you live your life with purpose, love, healing, awareness and passion.  We offer workshops, classes, private, semi private and small group sessions.  The full schedule of events and times can be found by clicking here.  Please call in advance to reserve your spot and arrive open to whatever messages are delivered. 

When you receive a reading it is based on a moment in time with the outcomes derived from your current path.  We have free will, which means you have the ability to change any of the outcomes.  We are in life to learn lessons that help our soul develop and grow, and the universe gracioiusly gives us multiple opportunities to have an "ahah" moment.  We were all born to suceed.  The reality is that it's not always fun when you don't understand why things are happening to you, which may find the anwsers by understanding The Law of Attraction........Terri will guide you, find the light when you are standing in the dark and offer reassurance that you do have the power, strength and support of higher energies to live life vibrantly.  There are so many approaches and ways to achieve the end goal, which is different for all of us.  We aren't here to convince or convert, but simply to offer perhaps a different perspective or the tools to help you live with awareness and joy!
Sessions are not a replacement for licensed medical care and are for entertainment purposes only.  Terry's Uniques and Terri are not liable for how you chose to use the information relayed. 

Terri Dubay, medium

A reading with Terri is something to look forward to.  She is a gifted intuitive with many lives of experience.  She offers traditional readings and specializes on giving insight on how to find your true souls path, releasing behaviors that blocking you and ways to enhance your own psychic ability. She also does work with past lives and understanding ways to approach a situation from a different perspective.   If you would like a reading during the shut down please call the store and we will get you a reading through the phone, face time, messenger, zoom, or skype. 

Individual sessions  $50 for 30 minutes  ::  $80 for an hour     

Group sessions ( two or more)  $65 for 30 minutes  ::  $135 for an hour


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